Kings of Rivers – Painting by Nguyen Duc Hoa

Welcome to the first collaboration of Our Man In with Art Sumo, an American organisation focused on sharing original artwork from around the world. Every month we will bring you a new piece to enjoy – this month, its Kings of Rivers by Vietnamese artist Nguyen Duc Hoa.

Kings of Rivers by Nguyen Duc Hoa

About the Painting

Hoa depicts a morning on the Saigon River and makes a sharp contrast between the house on stilts of the poor river dwellers against the modern urban backdrop of the city. These poor river denizens make their daily excursion on their boats to sell their wares at the city’s markets. The odd perspective of the boats is to emphasize the foundations of the modern city are the backs of those who bring food and supplies on a daily basis.

About the Artist

Nguyen Duc Hoa was born in 1964 in Que Quang Ngai, Vietnam and graduated from Fine Art College of Hue in 1986. Although initially Mr. Hoa started his professional career in fashion and graphic design, he eventually found his passion in painting. He now owns 2 galleries in Ho Chi Minh City that he runs with his wife. He has participated in several exhibitions in Quang Ngai, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh, and his next one is scheduled to take place in October. Hoa is extremely hard working and can always be found in his studio, making canvases come to life, seven days a week.


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