Football in Africa – African Footballer of the Year 2011

By Samuel Haase.

On December 22, the 2011 African Footballer of the Year will be announced. So who will be receiving an early Christmas present, and who will be going home empty handed?

The shortlist was announced earlier this month, and with the award soon to be announced I thought it was time to investigate into this coveted award further. Formerly known as the France Football Award, the recognition of the best African footballer began in 1970, with Laurent Pokou of the Ivory Coast and Abougreisha of Egypt sharing the award. The now recognised African Footballer of the Year took over solely in 1995, with arguably Africa’s most well known player, George Weah, picking up the trophy that year. Over the years the award has been shared between many different countries throughout Africa, but it is Cameroon who come out on top, with 12 African Player of the Year trophies to their name, whilst Samuel Eto’o has won the award a record 4 times and is currently the reigning holder of the trophy. But who is up for the award this year, any surprises, and is there a new winner in our midst? Let’s find out.

Samuel Eto'o

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